dimanche 16 décembre 2007

10 Disques # 07 : Rotary Ten

Nous avons l'honneur de recevoir un excellent groupe de Sheffield pour notre première interview dans la langue de Shakespear: ROTARY TEN. On me pardonnera j'espère mon anglais approximatif, mon argot minable surtout. Car pour ce 10 Records, on reçoit un putain de bon groupe, venant tout droit de Sheffield, il nous avait gratifier d'un excellent premier single en 2006 (Idols Of Our Own Design / Action Man) et à réitérer l'affaire en 2007 avec We Travelled Without Mentionning It. Le groupe a des superbes mélodies, un ligne de basse entrainante et un chant charmant. Twistons avec Stephen (Lead Guitar).

Pardon my english please, especially my bad translation of french argot. Because, for our first english-speaking interview, we're very glad to welcome Rotary Ten. We know them thanks to their really great first single released in October '06 - Idols Of Our Own Design / Action Man -. As good as the first one, the second -We Travelled Without Mentionning it- was released in 2007. Their music is made of beautiful guitar melodies, a catchy bassline and a charming sing -something between 80s stuff (The Smiths) and mid-late 90s indie-. This band is definitevily a one to watch. So, let's Twist with Stephen (Lead Guitar)

01 Your First record?
I'm not sure I think I won an Ace Of Base single in a crisp-eating contest at a disco when I was 10, Probably 'All That She Wants'.
02 A record to sing under the shower?
'Valentine' by Richard Hawley. It sounds good with the natural reverb. Try it.
03 A record to annoy the neighbours?
'One-armed scissor' by At The Drive-In. It totally rocks when you turn it up real loud.

04 A record to play the Frisbee?
Ummm probably Razorlight. I see no point whatsoever to this band. I would try and frisbee it into the road under a passing lorry.

05 A record to do the twist?
'The Rat' by The Walkmen. It's real good for twisting and air drumming, and spilling your drink.

06 A record to pick up?
People should pick up 'Any Other City' by Life Without Buildings. It is a great album with some great guitar playing. We like it.

07 A record to play the twister with a girl?
I think I would need something to calm me down, maybe some Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Don't want to get too excited.

08 A record to break out?
I'm not sure what you mean but I will go for 'Thunder Road' by Bruce Springsteen. "Except roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair/Well, the night's busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere". I generally listen to this with my fist held firmly in the air.

09 A record which you are ashamed to like?
'My Sharona' by The Knack. It has dirty lyrics and it's really annoying but it makes my feet move.

10 The record you listen to the most at the moment?
Rory left 'Armed Forces' by Elvis Costello at my house, I've been listening to that a lot. It's pretty, pretty, pretty good.


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Anonyme a dit…

Rotary Ten are intelligent, lush and lovely indie rock. Tres belle!

Anonyme a dit…

Le foret rotatoire Dix sont la bande I plus comme à tordre à, ils sont se dirigent pour de grandes choses ! Althopugh elles ne sont pas aussi bonnes que le Son vibrant.