mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Interview : Sea Pinks

Neil Brogan is a busy man. Is not only involved into one of our favorite band at the moment Girls Names, he's also behind the uber-cool tape label Cass/Flick (have a watch on the big cartel, they got plenty good stuff including GN again or Captured Tracks' Cloud Nothings) and now is also making a project by himself called Sea Pinks. And trust us, the first cassette he just released through his label is just great. If you like Girls Names but want to listen it on the beach or just for chillin in the garden with your friends go listen to this now !

Can you introduce a bit Sea Pinks ?
Sea Pinks is a new project I am doing which kind of started when I got my 1966 fender mustang guitar about 6 months ago. I think the guitar pretty much wrote the songs actually.

Sea Pinks is not your first project for how long are involved into music ?
Yeah I've been involved in music since I was like 14, quite a long time ago now. I've been in various bands with other people and also on my own. Recently I've been doing kind of one-off projects and then moving on to the next thing. I'm not sure yet if Sea Pinks will be one of these or not.

What about Girls Names ? Cathal, Claire and you are going to release more stuff soon ?
Oh yeah those guys. We have a split single coming out later in the autumn with Brilliant Colors which is very exciting and then the album should be along in early 2011 on Slumberland in the US and Tough Love in the UK, also very exciting!

This is your first ever release as Sea Pinks, but you got already plenty of great tunes ? What could we wait for you and the next months ? any single / LP ?
Thanks! I'm pleased with the tape for what it is, so we'll see if any more things come out of it. If anyone wants to put it out on vinyl tho they are very welcome!

As Sea Pinks, what's your influences ? IMO their kind of similar to Girls Names but surely less dark ?
Yeah there is quite a lot of crossover and I think being in GNs has turned me on to a lot of cool things too. But yeah I'm probably more into the brighter garage side of things. If you have spotify you can see a playlist I made here which will give you a good idea of what I listened to making this album : Sea Pinks 18 Golden Greats

The sea, the coast, the beach seems to take an important place in your music ?
Yeah I guess so, I grew up by the sea so maybe that's why. The place where my folks live has lots of nice sea pinks flowers too.

You were drummer in Girls Names, but now you're on the guitar, who are the other members ?
Just me right now, and claire is helping out a bit on drums for shows. I did the album all myself which is why the playing is pretty sketchy ha!

You are also owning a cassette label, Cass/Flick, why you decided once to release cassettes ? How can you explain the kind of come back of this format ?
Just because tapes are way cheaper and easier than vinyl and you can do them in super short runs which suits me very well right now. I guess the comeback is down to those kind of things and also the nostalgia people have for cool analogue stuff in general.

What music are into at the moment ? What is your favorite new band ?
I just listened to Architecture and Morality by OMD and it was pretty good so I'll say them, even tho they aren't really.

Thanks very much !
Thank you!

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