mardi 2 août 2011

Summer Crush Interview : Triptides

Here is our Summer Crush of the year, after chillin on internet looking for some new cool cassettes to put in my tape player, I found out Triptides via Beach Tapes, and thought WOW, this is pretty amazing, I really have to make listen that to my homie Alex. We've now got the cassettes and we're are really really happy to discovered them, as it has to be our summer records. I'm already listening to them all the time, and really think it will last until Indian Summer...
Let's speak with Glenn and enjoy a sunny day.

How do you form Triptides ?
Josh and I formed Triptides in the spring of 2010 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Who are Triptides ?
Triptides are Josh Menashe and Glenn Brigman with the help of John Warlick & Shaun Snyder.

We don't know anything about Bloomington, Indiana, can you tell us more about this city ? Is there a music scene ? Did you met at Uni or you were born there ?
It's a small town in southern Indiana home to Indiana University which is where we go to school. it has a pretty cool music scene and its where Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans, Secretly Canadian and a few other cool labels call home. Josh and I met in a history class. Josh is from San Diego, CA and I'm from Atlanta, GA. 
What makes want you to make music ?
We did a lot of jamming freshman year and when things clicked we figured, "why not start a band"?

What are your main influences ?
60's music like the The Ventures, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, the Nuggets Compilation, The Tornados, Blue Cheer, and early Pink Floyd. We also like bands like Real Estate, Tame Impala, Women, Ariel Pink and Beach House.

Can you explain us your obsession with summer, beaches... ?

Josh and I have always enjoyed living near the coast (atlanta/san diego) and when we moved to Indiana and experienced a landlocked place with cold weather, it sort of brought out a musical longing for warmth and lazy beach vibes.

Your two first EPs were on cassette, why did you chose this medium ?
I've been collecting tapes for a while now and I've always enjoyed the warmth that tapes give music. we've never been huge into CD's and vinyl is a bit out of our price range at the moment but hopefully we'll have a record out sooner or later.

You just released your first album Psychic Summer, can you tell more about it ?
Josh and I wanted to record a 3rd EP before we went home for the summer which was what inspired out initial recording sessions. before we knew it we had recorded way more songs than we knew what to do with and decided we had to release a summer album. Josh and I worked independently mixing the recordings and recording some new tracks (Wandering, Who Knows, Psychic Summer) while we were across the country from one another (me in Atlanta, Josh in SD). I got my good friend and recording mentor Stephen Burns to help with some additional mixing back in Atlanta and once Josh and I met up in SD to prepare for the tour, Josh's good friend and our tour drummer John Warlick mastered the tracks.

Are you planning to physically released this ablum ? Cassette, vinyl or whatever ?
We'll be making 100 limited edition red cassettes that will be available at our shows and available for order once our tour is over (mid-august)

You released your own stuff or via small blog-label Beach Tapes, do you think it's harder to find big label deals when coming from a small City ?
We're not releasing our stuff just to become part of a big label, we mainly just want people to hear it.

Tell me more about this west coast / california tour you're planning the next weeks ?
We're actually in the middle part of our tour right now. we've been working out of San Diego and so far we've played the Tin Can Ale House in downtown San Diego and a Burger Records house show in Fullerton. We'll be playing a house show in San Diego tomorrow night (thursday the 28th) and we're heading to Phoenix, AZ on friday to play with St Ranger in Tempe. After that we're headlining Cubbfest and then working our way up the coast hitting San Luis Obispo for a house show, playing a record store in Santa Cruz and then performing in Oakland and possibly San Francisco.

Buy there new album Psychic Summer on their Bandcamp.
You can also found there, their super great first EPs : Tropical Dreams / self-titled

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