dimanche 20 mai 2007

The Deakins - Look & Learn / Take Me For A Little While (1966)

Les Deakins sont un excellent groupe australien de Beat music. Ils sont trois: Ian Kincade, Jeff Donahue et Bob Miller, ils sont jeunes et viennent de Melbourne. En 1966, ils signent deux excellents single pour la firme Go!.
Nous savons très peu de choses. En fait presque rien, leurs disques sont quasiment introuvables, on les retrouve juste compilés sur: Worldbeater (vol. 2), Go Going Gone...
Pourtant, ils sont les auteurs d'une beat efficace, dansante dans un style proche des Fab Four qui mériterait d'être plus connu, notamment l'excellent Look & Learn, une tube!

écouter The Deakins - Look & Learn (1966)
écouter The Deakins - Take Me For A Little While (1966)

The Deakins are a fantastic aussie 60s beat band. The official line up was: Ian Kincade, Jeff Donahue and Bob Miller, they were comming from Melbourne. In '66, they recorded 2 great singles for the Go! label.
We don't know much things about them. Almost nothing, their records are really hard to find, we just could find them on compilations like the second volum of the Worldbeater or the Go Going Gone comp.
Nevertheless, They made some great catchy dance beat, a bit like The Fab Four. They really should be better known, because as you can heard it, Look & Learn is an instant anthem!

listen to The Deakins - Look & Learn (1966)
listen to The Deakins - Take Me For A Little While (1966)


Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me / I'll Make You Mine [G-5033]
Take Me For A Little While / Look & Learn [G-5041]

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh, les Deakins! J'adooooore!

Open up your eyes and look around you
See what you can learn what's surround you
close your eyes and listen to oh listen!

Together, you gotta look and learn!
Together, you gotta look, gotta look gotta look and learn!

Anonyme a dit…

please please, the deakins again post for me? - beautiful, please

thank you

Graeme a dit…

Hello there!
Could you please repost this track?
I am Australian and would love to get a copy to listen to!

By the way, you can see them perform this song on youtube (most likely the GO! show)