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Les Compilations #04: Testimonies on the Nuggets

Here is the english version of this article. Sorry for the misspellings in the translation from french to english.

Antoine Dr Love
Nuggets comp is for me the alpha and omega, the bible, the Holy Grail, dick & knife etc. Nuggets was my revelation to rock n roll, i'm listenning to it with pleasure and devotion since i'm 17. Each time i'm discovering new gems.

Colin Mason
I was in my late teens when I discovered USA ‘60s garage via a UK fanzine called ‘Bucketful Of Brains’ This would have been around 1983 and my imagination would have been stirred after reading some reviews of compilations.
I’d already had an interest in ‘60s music at this stage and was listening to Love, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, The Doors, and The Beatles but this ‘60s punk thing that was getting written about grabbed my attention as it sounded exciting.
I remember buying the Nuggets double LP on Sire at a Record Fair in Newcastle in 1986. It wasn’t my gateway into ‘60s garage as by now I’d already bought Back From The Grave and Pebbles comps but it was probably my gateway into American pop psych. I loved the music of The Third Rail, The Magic Mushrooms and Sagittarius. I made it my mission to discover more records by these types of groups. 

Emmanuel Cier
That was the first ever garage comp i listenned to. In 2005 i watched the movie DIG. A few days later Arthur from JC Satàn gave me the 4 CDs of the Nuggets II. Without this two things i would have never run gigs today.

Fuzztonic Thom
Nuggets was my first contact with 60s garage, i don't listen to it anymore but it had a great impact on me!

Glenn Brigman
I would say the Nuggets influenced the garage rock part of our sound. Some of it influenced the psychedelic stuff we do but a lot of that came from other places too.
I really like how raw the Pebbles and Nuggets sound. Kids who wanted to be Bob Dylan and the Beatles but played it too loud for it to sound like either.

Laurent Bigot
Nuggets were a 60s reference for a lot of punks in the 70s. Being on a big label the disc was quite easy to find. Described as punk it showed to a lot of people the non-hippie side of 60s music.

Mehdi Zannad
I discovered the Nuggets after reading an article in les Inrockuptibles. A part of the songs on Fugu 1 was directly inspired by how i thought the cuts on this compilation would sound. 
I thought the compilation would be more psychedelic because of the cover but i had true revelations with songs like "don't look back" by the Remains or "what am i going to do" by the Dovers.

Robin Wills
Nuggets was huge for me as a 13 year old. I was spending  time looking for original 60s singles around flea markets and record shops looking for stuff that was hoped would sound like The Stones or Yardbirds. I cam across The Count V and Standells French EP in the summer of 72, so I got the bug then. From reading the press at the time (Creem, Rock N Folk, NME etc...) I knew that Nuggets was coming out with all these bands that sounded fabulous. I finally found a copy in Brussels of all places in January 73. It was the German issue so it missed out two tracks (for rights reason). It didn't have The Blues Magoos anyhow. Now I could hear the 13th Floor Elevators.! So for me it opened up new names to seek out andto  find the original vinyl. In 1973 it was still easy to find cheap copies of most of this stuff. The 2nd Shadows of Knight LP? No problem...yours for £2! There were a few softer tracks which didn't do it for me at first, but it was so influential. The liner notes gave clues about these mysterious groups, so much more to find!

Samy The Kay
The Nuggets are a big influence concerning the 60s music. The comp wasn't my main source to discover garage-rock but was really helpfull. In the beginnings I was not totally into it as i was a lot into punk at this time. The Sonics helped me to fill the gap between the two sides. 
When I was 16 years old i thought there was nothing for me between the 50s Rockabilly and late 70s punk, just dull and cheesy things played by long-haired hippies. Thanks God the Nuggets helped me to show another side of 60s.

Sid Griffin
I moved to Los Angeles in October 1977. About ten days there I was going to buy groceries in the San Fernando Valley at a big store called Alpha Beta. I pull my car into the parking lot and was again listening to KROQ and the DJ says, live on air, "I gotta go to the toilet so I am gonna put side three of Nuggets on and I will be back in about twenty minutes". And that is exactly what happened! He put on Nuggets it played all the way through side three including the silences between songs. So for twenty minutes or so music simply played with no station identification whatsoever! I knew then that Los Angeles was going to be a lot different from my native Kentucky.
Yves Choisy
Nuggets changed my life. To discover this comp was a revolution in my musical tastes and the sound of the band i play into. I would like to thanks the holy Spirit and Pascal from the Norvins for that.
I discovered there a lot of bands. Nuggets gave me the desire to discover a thousand things.
Sometimes when i'm listenning to the two Nuggets box sets i still discover new gems. Bands i thought they were minor are now classics for me and they fill my spirit with sparkles.
Discovering this comp made me spent a lot of money into vinyls, i hope to have all the things on the Nuggets on vinyl a day.
Because of the Nuggets i now listen to a lot of other compilations. 

Many thanks to:
Antoine Dr Love is a member of the excellent mod outfit les Spadassins, 2 7' (on Tryptic Records and Croque Macadam Records)
Colin Mason runs the superb blog Flower Bomb Songs one of the first place to go to read cool things about 60s music!
Emmanuel Cier runs Vicious Soul that does a great work in Bordeaux and Paris, doing gigs, festivals etc.
Fuzztonic Thom does gigs and runs a label  (Howlin Banana).
Glenn Brigman is a member of the lovelty Triptides that does gigs in USA.
Laurent Bigot runs a few labels and writes for Ugly Things.
Mehdi Zannad released three lp (two as Fugu and one with his real name) his website.
Robin Wills did a lot of great stuffs, including being in the Barracudas, he's now running purepop an awesome blog about glam and sometimes powerpop.
Samy The Kay plays bass in Les Guillotines, he draws cool things about music too.
Sid Griffin was in the Unclaimed, the Long Ryders and now the Coal Porters, he wrote a biography of Gram Parsons, his website.
Yves Choisy is guitar player in les Guillotines, a young garage band that released their first 7' in 2011.

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